Drilling Services

Our company is distinguished today, not only for having the latest generation drilling equipment (Atlas Copco type), as well as explosives manufactured in our own plant and accessories of last generation, suitable for the needs of each work, but also for the delivery of projects day by day, with responsibility, confidence and the continuous satisfaction of its customers.

Hispadomex has more than 10 units of drills of different capacities: triconical and/or down-the-hole hammer with ranges from 51/8″ to 91/2″ (5 pcs.) and Hydraulic with ranges from 3-41/2″ (6 pcs.), capable of meeting the highest demands.

These special units used in drilling works guarantee not only the preparation of any blasting yard with the best possible performance (time) but also the final quality of the works.

Blasting Services

Since our establishment in 2000, we have performed various blasting services to major mining companies in the Dominican Republic and other clients engaged in the exploitation of threads for the production of its derivatives.

We are the first company in the Dominican Republic to perform subway blasting.

Our team is trained to detonate blasting in any type of soil, underwater, heights and even precision blasting in dams, roads, tunnel construction and quarries near communities, requiring zero errors thanks to the efficient design and control used in the operations.