Granulated blasting agents with high energetic level. Presentation in 25kg bag.

  • Not sensitive to single detonator, requires a high explosive primer or primer, for large diameter drill holes (>5″) it is recommended to use the pentolite booster.
  • -No water resistance.
  • Homogeneous mixture of its components, based on porous ammonium nitrate and a petroleum derivative.

Detonator sensitive explosive emulsion. Widely used in surface mining blasting, quarrying and construction sites, suitable for use as a column charge or base charge. Features excellent combination of detonation velocity and gas generation characteristics.

Detonating Cord

The DETONATING CORD has a core of pentrite (PETN) protected by a series of layers based on polypropylene tapes and fibers and finally covered by an extruded layer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Its properties include flexibility, water resistance and tensile strength, which make it reliable to handle, thanks to the quality of the raw materials of which it is composed.

Non-electric Detonator

Non-electric initiation system, consisting of two delay detonators and a signal transmitter shock tube.

It is composed of two detonators, the surface detonator and the depth detonator, the first one is of low power with the capacity to initiate 5 shock tubes and the depth detonator is of higher power to initiate the bait of the explosive charge.

Hydrated Lime

It is a material resulting from the hydration of quicklime (calcium oxide, CaO) until its chemical affinity is satisfied. White, impalpable and odorless powder.

Presentation in 25kg bag.

Booster Initiators

Boosters are Pentolite (TNT/PETN) based initiators (multipliers), specially manufactured to develop high velocity and generate high detonation pressure, ensuring optimum initiation.

There are different types of Boosters according to their characteristics and uses, such as MiniAPB, Cylindrical APB, APB for ascending shots (UP HOLE), booster for electronic detonators (E*Star), etc.


The CARMEX has been conceived and developed as a safe and efficient initiation system for conventional blasting.

The CARMEX is assembled by specialized personnel, through the use of pneumatic clamping machines, thus guaranteeing the tightness of the Fulminant – Safety Fuse – Connector.

Transmission Line

The Transmission line is used to allow a completely non-electric blasting system from the initiation point of the Blaster to the end of the blast.

Make enter line is available in 200, 500, 1000 or 2500 foot spools to allow a single splice with no signal line between the Blaster and the blast pattern.