Hispano Dominicana de Explosivos is the result of the continuity of a business tradition of more than 20 years in the business of services to the mining industry, standing out primarily in drilling, blasting, underwater blasting, demolition and public works, having been an important part of the execution of the most important infrastructure projects in the country.

Our company is distinguished today, not only for having the latest generation drilling equipment (Atlas Copco type), as well as explosives manufactured in our own plant and accessories of last generation, appropriate to the needs of each work, but also for the delivery of projects day by day, with responsibility, confidence and the continuous satisfaction of its customers.

Our company is dedicated to the extraction of non-ferrous metalliferous minerals: Extraction of precious metals, gold and silver. Mining and quarrying: stone, sand and clay. Drilling, subway and open pit blasting, manufacture and storage of explosives, as well as loading and transportation.

Our Team

Institutional Philosophy

To offer our products and services of Drilling, Blasting, Loading, Transportation and Sales of Explosives with the highest quality standards to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, ensuring the safety of all involved and the protection of the environment.
To be the leading company in Drilling, Blasting, Loading, Transportation, Sales and Storage of Explosives at national level, recognized by the excellence in its services and the quality of its products.
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  • Continuous improvement